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The Adventures of Being a Solo Artist

Updated: Mar 28

When reflecting back to when I boldly told my Mom that I was going to be a Rock Artist; I understand better now why she so adamantly demanded I'd become a counselor. Being any kind of music artist is so much more complicated than the dreams I had envisioned. My boyhood imagination had me doing shows tirelessly performing before thousands of sold out fans shouting and jumping endlessly to my legend tunes. It's like a curtain from the Wizard of Oz is thrust to the ground with people pointing at you with that look of "Gotcha". After numerous band members, failed band plans, hard to book shows, hands looking for money - but never providing any - my dream and reality are not on the same planet. Writing songs was my passion, being a singer was not even in the plan until Pastor Regina boldly declared that God showed her me singing to crowds of people. I was not only NOT prepared for that game changer, but it took me awhile to feel comfortable in that position. After 8 years of band member issues I decided I was not only going to be the front man but to evolve into a solo front man. I wish that singing was the hardest part of the music industry. Having two disabilities makes me very reliant on others to help me accomplish this life (call) goal more than other musicians. I can't drive, so my step father is my road crew. Together we have crossed the United States 4 times in 2 years. I do well with social media platforms but all the technical issues either we have to hire or have volunteers help us with. My Mom spent half a year just working on learning how to do a website. From videos, concert videos, pictures, social media videos, emails, booking, tour scheduling, music releases, articles, podcasts, radio, flyers, merchandise, designs, and the list will continue and make your head explode of things you have to either learn or know.

I am not saying this to be a buzz kill - I am saying this to show the time, money (lots of money) and effort that goes into being a musical artist. The cherry on the top is performing to fans, but that's a hour - a moment in time. The rest is hurdles you have to achieve to get to the place you so strongly feel called to. Now I know what it feels like to migrate. Swim, flying , or walk to an unknown place with very little direction and all sorts of dangers, frustrations, failures, and discouragement but you can't stop the journey until you know you've reached your destination. It's a drive, a call , a destination with a purpose. It's not for the weak, lazy or non driven. When you see an artist performing realize you're seeing so much more than just a singer with a mic.


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