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Petra's 50th Anniversary Tour was BEYOND BELIEF

I consider it an honor to be a voice in a unique art form that was such an impact to me since I was a teenager. The faith based Rock scene continues to grow in 2024 in a dynamic way. There are so many bands and artists out there creating quality music that is undeniable. If you were to make a list of the trailblazers and titans of Christian Rock that paved the way for all of us in this scene you would have to put Petra at the very top. Since 1972, Petra showed up on the scene and completely revolutionized Christian music. They spoke truth in a way that deified the norm, challenged people and brought Rock to an entirely new generation and demographic. Petra's legacy still continues to stand strong today.

In April of 2024, I was honored to join Petra in Florida for their 50th Anniversary Tour. Serving as an opening act for them over the course of the tour is something I'll never forget. It was surreal getting to perform and share my story for so many like minded Rock fans. I couldn't begin to list the stories I heard show after show from recovering addicts, people living with disabilities, and domestic abuse survivors who felt like our music spoke to them in a life changing way. I spent a lot of my time after my performance feeling uplifted myself. I would come off stage sweaty and full of adrenaline each night. People would line up to give hugs, handshakes, and share how they were personally impacted. I was blown away by Petra's energetic performances paired with their humility. I had many conversations with the band that were genuine and heartfelt. One of the conversation that stood out to me was with their keyboardist, John Lawry. I was backstage about 20 minutes before my set was up as he told me how he was diagnosed with cancer many years ago. It was earth shattering experience but he was baffled one day when the doctors came in with a surprising announcement, "we don't know how to explain it and we don't know what to make of it, but you no longer have cancer." Years and years later Lawry is a walking miracle. The 50th Anniversary Tour with Petra was not only an awesome time to perform music, but it was a huge encouragement to me and so many others. Thank you Petra for your amazing legacy and present day testimony. There is still work to be done even 50 years into your journey.

Shout out to Kimber music who was another talented opening act on the tour. Shout out to the team who worked behind the scenes to make it all happen. Richard Varno, Su Smith, David Kashner, Madison Eleftheriou and so many others. Thank you to my friend and mentor David and Caroline Hunter from 93.7 Rockin the Rock Radio for putting me on the Petra team's radar and believing in what I do. The Petra 50th Anniversary Tour I got to be a part of was BEYOND BELIEF!

Be sure to check out "Beyond Belief" the movies coming soon. The film is set in the 80's and the plot revolves around a young boy who is greatly inspired by Petra. For more information and donation to the film to go:

Shout out to David stone and Joe Sanders on the Beyond Belief movie production team.

Stay tuned for more Matt Sassano events to be announced.


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