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If at first you don't succeed.......

One thing I’ve learned in life is……

It’s the people who stick with their passion just a little longer than others think they should that tend to see breakthrough.

As someone who dealt with various challenges growing up I got what many would call a “later start” in my music journey but  I knew I had something valuable to say.

Year after year, disappointment after disappointment we moved all the way from New York to Tennessee to see things happen.

I began to feel  slightly embarrassed at  gatherings where everyone seemed to have their life mapped out and there I was years later explaining to someone close to me, “I know it’s been x amount of years but I’m really believing something is gonna happen with this.”

As I recall my music journey it took me to step out of my comfort zone many, many times and continue on when I didn’t see how it was going to come together.

Fast forward to today; I STILL am continuing to learn new things every day as doors open but I’ve had multiple # 1’s on Christian Rock Radio and have had the honor of traveling with some of the biggest names in Christian Rock. It wasn’t by coincidence. It was because I stuck with it, got past the eye rolls and mockery of others, trusted and continued on the path longer than some people probably would deem appropriate.

If you are feeling like you are called to something but aren’t seeing the results you want then

1st seek God. 2nd stick with it longer and trust that if you are called you will be given all the tools necessary at the right time.

Remember the story of Peter in the Bible? The disciples had been out fishing with no luck for a long, long time. On the verge of giving up, Jesus said, “cast your net on the other side of the boat.” It was then and only then they brought in more than they even could hope for.

Let God direct your steps and continue on the path!


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