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After a 20 month break from his last effort, Transparent Soul, and a 16 month trial of writing for advertising, movies and TV in collaboration with Cathy Heller’s Catch the Moon Licensing Agency, Matt has come up with his latest musical project which is in the words of 21 Pilots, a form of schizo pop. The reference in Matt’s case comes from his heavy rock background and killer lyrics, combined with Knoxville rapper Cope’s rap schemes and the EDM influence of producer Colton Carnley from CX3 music productions. Each track delivers fresh new combinations of these mixed elegantly by Carnley.

To sum it up, I found Matt Sassano to be a hungry , self-motivated artist determined to inspire anyone and everyone that he ran into.

Matt was born at 33 weeks, with a traumatic brain injury. The Doctors carefully explained that his lungs could not keep up and that there was very little chance for survival. As a result of the trauma at birth Matt was disabled with Cerebral Palsy and Discalcula. While these disabilities caused Matt to have several surgeries and a constant challenge in his learning ability, He adjusted early on to the daily struggle and became accustomed to the fact that he was always going to have to go the extra mile just to have somewhat of a normal life. Early on the love of his Mother became a rock of comfort and confidence when the challenges became difficult.

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As Matt matured as a young adult, he began to realize that although he was constantly having to overcome life’s difficulties, He was also a source of inspiration for almost everyone that learned his story. He began to see that there was not a lot of encouragement or hope for others trying to overcome their life obstacles. He began shape his own future around the idea that even though we all have debilitating features in our lives, we can still succeed and even see our dreams come true. Matt wanted others to see that they didn’t have to settle for survival or a mundane existence. They could have a full and rewarding life.

Matt became a songwriter , first to help verbalize his own frustrations and thoughts, and then later to express how that by not giving up, we can make our dreams come true and if we look around there are others that we can encourage just by how we live our lives.

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“A ship is safe in a harbor. But that’s not what ships are for.”

- William Shedd

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