Who Makes the M3 Community

It's no secret that the life of a musician is not typical. Many people on the outside of this lifestyle take a look at musicians and consider them the Black Sheep. I can't tell you how many "we can all dream honey's" or "when you gonna settle down and get a real job" comments I've heard. I've heard like a broken record from out spoken critics of this very risky career path. One time I had recorded an EP early on in my music journey. I poured my heart, soul, pain and struggles into the very expensive project. I was very proud of the work I had put into the EP. All the music fans I let listen to it were super excited. I was feeling amazing about it....that was until I took it to my stuffy Aunt Audrey's house. Anxious to show her what amazing music was coming from her brilliant nephew I fired up the CD player, cued the song, cranked the volume and envisioned the proud reaction I was about to witness. The song came to an end with a deafening silence that blanketed the room. Suddenly stuffy Aunt Audrey looks to me with a half forced smile and says, "so what do you plan to do with that?" Come to find out, my cranky 70 year old Aunt wasn't in tune with rock culture! I knew at that moment she was not going to be a die hard supporter. I'm okay with that. I quickly realized that not everyone will understand what you do and who you are. Maybe not everyone is in fact supposed to. Since that time I've shared the state with artists such as, Bubba Sparxxx

, GFM, and have been included on soundtracks for video games and used my music to tell my story to people who are meant to hear it.

I've had people hug me with tears in their eyes after I got off stage and shared my story about being born with Cerebra Palsy, contended with physical and mental disabilities, dealing with physical and emotional abuse at the hands of my father, while growing up in a preachers home. I went through a lot of my life feeling worthless and deflated. My setbacks in school and the chaos at home left me feeling isolated and dark. My past with anxiety and depression landed me in the psych ward and at that point I felt my life was worth nothing. Our experiences mold our outlook and fore me my goals in music. My biggest goal for the community I want to reach through my music are people who have faced extreme challenges. Abuse, disabilities, homelessness, addictions, illnesses, etc. I do this music because I want to bring awareness to these issues and meet Over-comers! If you are reading this and have been through any of these things, YOU BELONG in this community. A million "stuffy Aunt Audrey's" can't stop you from reaching your potential. You might not fit into a perfect picture but keep fighting. I would love to hear your story. If you have faced extreme challenges and wish to take your experience and lift others up then connect with me on Instagram@mattsassanomusic and let's chat!

Glad to have you apart of my journey and this movement!


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