Welcome to "The Matt Cave"

Have you gained access to the Matt-Cave? For those of you that have tuned in and saw my LIVE sessions within the past few weeks (since the COVID-19 outbreak ) - I WANT TO THANK YOU! It's been awesome getting to connect with you and share music, even with all the chaos around us continues. For those who have joined my latest LIVE streams on Instagram, you have gained access to one of my latest projects since quarantine. My custom built, secluded headquarters. I have dubbed it, "The Matt Cave."

We've all seen the intense spike in musicians and artists going live, fighting like crazy to not lose the connection with fans since the pandemic. It's been increasingly difficult for us to ignite excitement for our fans without knowing when face to face concerts and events will continue. For someone like myself ,who values the theatrical in his performance, I wanted to build a place that looks and feels like a venue to all the people tuning in for my performances. If there's one thing COVID-19 has taught us as musicians; is that we need to be innovative with out ideas.

Once and for all I used the time in seclusion to paint, hook up lights, smoke machines, put up projectors and make my headquarters something unique. Gone are my days of laundry room performances and clearly broadcasting in my kitchen and bathroom trying to get the right acoustics. I will be continuing to add my own flare to the space with some neon painted "Matt Cave" symbols on the wall.

This is a message and hopefully an encouragement to all my fellow musicians and constant creators to continue to try and use this time to think outside the box. Be creative and find new ways to do what you do to the best of your ability, in spite of discouragement. It's easy to slip into a state of despair and complacency due to everything going on. This time, although tough, can be a chance to push your creativity to new heights and find new ways to hone your creativity and passions.

I will continue to hold live streams from the "Matt Cave" so I want to invite you to my sessions on Instagram, as I continue to build and perform LIVE from the "Matt Cave". Follow me on Instragram@Mattsassanomusic.

Stay safe, healthy and creative,


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