Tom Jackson is the KEY to fixing your crappy LIVE Show

Nothing compares to a live concert! Take a second and think back to the first concert you ever went to. Maybe it was a packed arena rock tour, with legions of screaming fans. Maybe, it was a festival at a theme park like the "Vans Warped Tour" , "Kingdom Bound" or "Cochella". In any case, the LIVE show has been the one constant in today's ever changing music industry. Up until COVID-19 the live concert experience has been the one aspect of a musician's career that has somewhat remained unchanging. It's also the area that I dare say aspiring or even national musicians and artist focus on the LEAST. We pour all our time, money, and resources into recording, writing, gear, travel needs and a multitude of things that ARE important but....our live show comes around, we practice the songs and never put much thought into our set. Other than "okay, here's a fast song, let's put a slow one here, and this one has a cool guitar lick; so let's play that one too." Let's face it. We've all been to great live shows where it just connected! It will be a life long memory. We have also, maybe, been to a few of those "concerts" that are on the complete other side of the spectrum. The band takes way too long playing their set and while they are seemingly having a blast on stage, the audience is continually looking at their watches. That something that was there in those "great" concert was not in these. What is it that separates an amazing LIVE show from the awful or just plane forgettable show? " LIVE Music Method: All Roads Lead to the Stage", Tom Jackson's book understands how to make your show memorable. He understands the psychology of an audience and his LIVE show philosophy revolves around the principle that, "It's not just about playing songs, but rather creating moments." Just like when you see a movie you go in with a certain expectation. If there aren't parts that make you laugh, make you cry, challenge you with a plot twist or move you in someway. Then it becomes "just another movie" Tom's philosophy has proven true in many ways and throughout Tom's career he's worked with a variety of nationally known artist such as, "Taylor Swift", 'Jars of Clay". "The Band Perry", and as list too long to name.

I read Tom's book years ago and Tom Jackson's "Live Music Method" really changed my perspective on the live performance. For my birthday this year my family booked some time to meet Tom to discuss and implement ways we can take my live show to the next level. I am very excited because I've been a follower of Tom's work for many years and have been inspired by this theories. I have always sought to connect with my audience and leave them with something to remember when they leave the venue. I know that his experience will be a game changer.

If you are an artist or musician looking to bring your live performance to the next level, I strongly recommend investing in Tom Jackson's book "Live Music Method: All Roads Lead to the Stage." You can also visit


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