Hey Everyone! We are officially almost a month into 2021. I hope you are holding up after the brutal beatdown that was given to us in 2020. I am 100% sure that I am not alone in the frustration that came with the era of lockdowns, shut downs, concert cancelations and overall looming unrest in the world.

With that being said, I was surprised to hear some good news upon going into our first "phase" of 2021. For many musicians such as myself 2020 left us feeling like much of our efforts in creating content and meeting new music listeners was met with new frustration and challenge. Tours were immediately scrapped and with a surge in people worrying about survival and toilet paper it was hard to get attention of new potential listeners and fans while I do think there will continue to be HUGE changes in how people enjoy music I think its also fair to say Music isn't going anywhere.

I am happy to announce that we were recently nominated for "Cover Song of the Year", in the 2nd annual Grizzly Awards (2021). Not too long ago I released a re-imagined version of "Monster", by Skillet. Going into such an iconic and widely loved song and wanting to re-invent it was no easy challenge. With the help of Colton Carnley of Cx3 Music we brought something new to the arrangement. I was really thrilled to hear many die hard Panheads say that it was a job well done.

There are a variety of categories that are included in the Grizzly Awards and I was happy to be among many of the amazing artists mentioned in a rage of nominations. I was thrilled to see some up and coming artists and friends of mine get the nod of Grizzly Award nominations. Some names that are included on the nominee list are: Disciple, Red, Seventh Day Slumber, August Burns Red, Stryper, GFM, Zahna, The Midnight Weddings and many, many more. There are quite a diverse mix of Christian rock veterans and up and coming artist on the nominee list.

I was particularly excited because as an artist who LOVES Rock but is heavily inspired by a host of genres like EMD and POP it felt great to be considered. It's always been my goal to blur genre lines and offer a new twist on music I was glad to be nominated and am happy to be someone who can be heard in a variety of genre circles. I really do wish everyone nominated the best of luck and want to thank every listener for their love and support shout out to Mary Nikkle, of Rock On Purpose, and the amazing team she's helped bring together for the years panel.

Please go on over to the official website and vote for your favorite artists @

Thank you and ROCK ON!


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