Telling A Quarantine Story Using 51 Band Names

I woke up from what seems to be much longer than a Seventh Day Slumber. It's time to Wage War with myself and fight Tooth and Nail to get out of bed and Haste The Day. As a Relentless Flood of thoughts go through my mind, I begin to think of my very low number of objectives on my to do list For Today. With the suspicion that today will have a Chaotic Resemblance to yesterdays quarantine day; I realize that I'm in no Rush to shake up my Dustybonez and OK GO anywhere. With that in mind, I roll over and set my alarm for an extra XIII Minutes of snooze. When I finally get awake from Sleeping with Sirens, I stumble into the kitchen for am TASTEFUL breakfast. I slowly put some Gritz in the Skillet with a side of Mellow Yellow. I turn on the TV. The world seems to be in a Five Iron Frenzy. I hear politicians and those in DC Talk about how COVID-19 is still a grim reality but that there are many Random Heroes in America, and some Forsaken Heroes across the world working around the clock to restore life as we knew it.

I continue to hope for the best outcome possible so that I and the rest of the world can venture Outside the Shadows and back to regular life. I quickly finish breakfast, turn off the TV and listen to some artists on Spotify. My friend from Instagram, Matt Long, said he just dropped some new jams! Listening to such great jams makes me realize how much I miss performing live music. The Sonic Flood of being on stage, meeting fans and feeling the intense spike in my Audio Adrenaline; as I pour my heart into my performance. Dishes, housework, and Mindless Self Indulgence is all I know now. It feels like I've officially made the Crossover into insanity and have slowly convinced myself I Am The Pendragon.

I am now on Project 86, as I count the ceiling tiles of my bathroom wall. The Protest in my mind continues as I debate storming outside like a crazed Demon Hunter. I am close to shredding through the walls like Kevino 388 shreds on a guitar. Like 21 Pilots I am clearly Stressed Out. I feel Trapt. I can't move. It's like I've fallen, sprained my Switchfoot and am stuck using a Thousand Foot Krutch. I call my friend Joseph Leavelle up to see if he can take me on a Manic Drive, but as I pick up the phone he tells me his Chevelle is broken down an he has two Rascal Flatts. Plus he has some mean little kids throwing Twelve Stones at his house.

I wish things would go back to normal. I miss long walks in Linkin Park, and roasting Marshemello's by Firebrand at Jeremy Camp with groups of people. I miss the outside world and hate to be one of the millions of Insyderz stuck As We Are in quarantine. I, just like so many others, feel the Need to Breathe from this Entropy In Motion. That's when I realize eventually things will get better and this virus will surely hit The Bricks soon. I know that although my daily routine is Disturbed In this Moment, that this pandemic won't Break me like Benjamin. This is a temporary situation and the people of the world, They're Only Chasing Safety right now. Nothing can stop us from getting through this and We As Human will Manafest hope again!


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