Rock On Purpose Introduces Matt Sassano

What does music mean to you? While I think it's safe to say that everyone "likes" music to some degree, it takes on different meaning for different people. To some, it's a simple past time; a thing to dance to at a club or a way to break up the silence on a quiet and mundane route to work. For others, music is what we live fore, our inspiration and the lifeblood that helps us shape our identity and purpose. I know for me music was the first thing that I feel gave me a voice. As someone who grew up with the crippling disabilities of Cerebral Palsy and Dyscalculia; it was easy to dwell on my weaknesses and the feeling of being out of place. When i was first introduced to Rock and Hip Hop, it instantly "clicked". Music made me feel understood and shaped who my friends were. As a small town kid I would often walk around town with my headphones blaring and dream of a day when I could play shows and to make my voice heard through music. Since that time I've spent my life going that direction. I have defied my disabilities by sharing the stag with various artists I admired and releasing a variety of music in Rock, Pop, Rap, and EDM.

Music has always been not just a past time for me but a way of life. That's why I am stoked to be the newest writer and contributor for "Rock On Purpose". Founded by Mary Nikkel, Rock On Purpose is an online community and forum dedicated to all things Rock. In this amazing forum you will find an array of music fans chatting about the latest music projects on both the International level and more local and regional level. You will be able to get your latest fix of music news and balanced reviews by music reviewers. In my time as a member on the Rock On Purpose (ROP) forum, I have seen really compelling content and reviews on bands like, "Anberlin", "Disciple", "Pillar", "MxPx", "Switchfoot",and many more. I've gotten to meet and connect with artists in the scene releasing cutting edge original tracks. I am absolutely inspired by the creativity that makes the ROP community what it is. I love that much of their content has a strong and meaningful message. As someone who has been profoundly changed by music and values the importance of it's content; I am very excited to see what comes out of this unique movement...that is ROP.

Be on the lookout for album and song reviews I plan on releasing for the forum. You can check out the album review for my album "Transcend" written by, Sharayah Franklin in the link below.

Please join the community with me and be apart of this great outlet for music.



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