"Is it true that pain is beauty?" - Azariah Music

Do you constantly struggle day in and day out with thoughts of inadequacy? Are you at battle with yourself as you try desperately to prove your own self worth? In this world of social media, unrealistic comparisons, filters, and "swipe right for someone better" on dating apps; a recent study finds that as much as 97 percent of women have a negative body image and experience at least one negative thought about their body every single day.

On top of this we seem to live in a world where relationships are becoming more and more disposable, toxic and leave us feeling devalued in who we are. According to a study on - Narcissistic abuse affects over 158 million people in the United States. With all these factors at play where do we find our sense of self worth and beauty?

For fans of hard hitting and thought provoking Rock Music the debut single, "Am I Beautiful", by Azariah Music, speaks to these issues. The riffs and powerful anthem will leave the listener headbanging and entertained, while contemplating the meaning of true beauty and self worth. "Am I Beautiful" takes the listener on a journey with lyric lines like: "Is it true that pain is beauty? Are you the one to save me from all these twisted lies?" For fans of female fronted Rock bands like, "Flyleaf", "Fireflight", and "Evanescence" this song is sure to leave a lasting impression.

The lead singer of "Azariah Music" Faith Garrison quotes, "I wrote "Am I Beautiful" to hopefully allow someone to see their worth. We have all had people that we need to sell ourselves out to fit a mold that we were not meant to fit. It was mostly reflecting on a personal situation I went through when a person I was in a relationship with tried to degrade and devalue me to make himself appear superior to me. I bought into that he cared for me so I sacrificed who I was to please someone who would never see my worth. I hope listeners take the message from the song that they don't have to fit the mold or social standards someone else sets for them. They have been uniquely designed for a specific purpose only they can fulfill. No one determines your worth because to God you are worth more than gold."

"Am I Beautiful" was recorded at "Apple Valley Studios" by producer Casey Price. he is credited for the skillful music arrangement and crafting together the instrumental. The incredible teamwork and musical chemistry led to a song that Rock fans will not soon forget. Follow "Azariah Music" on Spotify and Stream "Am I Beautiful" today. Feel free to follow Azariah Music social media by searching Azariah Music on Instagram. Keep an eye out for more from this talented upcoming artist.


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