One thing for sure - Change always happens

Have you thought about the future? If one thing is true surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, it has fundamentally changed the world. Just about every aspect of life as we know it. Jobs are being worked from home, schools shut down, churches postponed and an overall change in how people interact. As a musician, I and many others have felt the impact of concert and music related events being virtually non-existent. It has really pushed creators to utilize new ways to connect with fans. Constant Live streams on

social media platforms are now an everyday event. These times have been equally as unpredictable as it has been innovative in many ways. If there is one thing that this relentless quarantine has forced me to do it's to think about the future. In many places quarantine guidelines have been being slowly lifted and in others not so lucky.

In Tennessee we are looking at continued quarantine until May 1, 2020. I know I hope and wish that starting on May 1, 2020 it will be as if a magic pill was popped and life will be just as it was before we knew of this virus...but will it? What will this mean for how society conducts itself in normal social situations months or years after "quarantine" has been lifted everywhere? Will people be ready to embrace their freedom from quarantine? Will people still be in a state of fear as it relates to going to concerts? The movies? The grocery stores or other public places? What have we learned as entertainers in the world of music about how we will address this? Will social distancing be a new normal? For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. I know one of things I am really struggling to get used to is how is the now acceptable way to greet people? I'm sure I'm not the only one who has been briefly out in public, met someone, have a mask covered conversation and got the "Don't You Dare" glare when reaching for a simple handshake or going in for a hug! Will this somehow fade away as soon as the quarantine is lifted? Will there slowly be new ways people in public life will feel cool about greeting one another? There are so many uncertainties. I know we will definitely get through this together and thrive...but in what ways will this create change that we never through going forward? If you have any ideas or observations on a serious or quirky notes comment below.

Thanks for reading. To see me perform LIVE on Instagram for a little bit longer ...follow and connect with me on Instagram@mattsassanomusic


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