One Man's Quarantine is Another Man's Cake Walk

It's official! Everywhere we go we can't escape the talk of the Coronavirus. When you log on to Facebook or Instagram all you see around the clock is the endless sea of memes surrounding COVID19. When you flip on the TV all you hear are terms like "quarantine" and "social distancing". For many people I've talked to, the impact of Coronavirus feels to far fetched and crazy they swear they are living out some insane plot in a sci-fi movie. Everywhere you turn jobs are being shut down and people are really feeling the impact. I even felt the wrath of Coronavirus with the cancellation of my tour with GFM. I was extremely excited to travel on a nationwide tour that would take place until April. We played one show at Tom Cats West, in Fort Worth, Texas, before we got word that the rest of the tour would be shut down. I do think for me personally, that was the biggest blow from the craziness going on out there recently. I know for many people this virus has changed their lives to the core. I am by no means making light of the impact the virus has had on anyone out there. When I saw a meme that depicted a monkey with a shocked expression on their face I had to laugh at the caption. It read, "when you find out your normal, daily life if called "quarantine." I laughed because as many people are climbing their walls from boredom and wanting to break free, I've been among the very few who almost forgot quarantine was a thing.

I have written songs like Ghost on my album, Transcend that have approached the topic of isolation, loneliness and depression. I know as a kid and even now as an adult, one of the things I really envy is freedom. Growing up with Cerebral Palsy and Dyscalculia made some things that are easily taken for granted or overlooked in daily life for others impossible for me. Not only does Dyscalculia make me unable to drive a car, but also erases my sense of location.

This is also a huge reason I am beyond grateful to be doing what I am now with music. If it wasn't for the continued support of those around me I would not be able to take on such an impossible journey. When this Coronavirus mess is over, I hope to see you at an event. I am eager to get out and do what makes me feel the best. In the meantime stay safe, healthy and sane! Please feel free to listen to my song Ghost if you are feeling isolated. Just know you are not alone! Also, check out my live performances on Instagram from the Matt Cave!


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