MIB (not Men In Black)

What is it that you may be striving for in 2020? A better job? A promotion at your current job? To manage your time better so you can accomplish more and have time to pursue the things you are passionate about? At the end of the day, I think we all just want to live a fulfilling life and purse our passions. Often times we have all the great intentions and drive in the world to set goals and meet them but lack clear direction or accountability. For me, being a musician has come with a lot of rewards. Playing music for causes I believe in, opening for artists I admire and getting to share my story through this thing called music. People tend to only see the glamour of the stage and don't realize this path has also come with a lot of unseen struggles. The hassle of fundraising to afford merch, recording time budgets and the multitude of other responsibilities that come with a music career. The late nights staying up crying because some smooth talking "shark" in the industry promised a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and at the end of the day sold you a big, fat vat of snake oil. The discouragement of knowing you have a unique gift but are unsure of a strategy to get people to notice.

That's why in all my years of trial and error I am so happy to have made my acquaintance with Rick Barker. He is a former manager of Taylor Swift and founder of the "MIB". NO, not the "Men In Black", although that would be cool too! The "Music Industry Blueprint"

is what MIB stands for. I recently enrolled in his one of a kind all access course and in my short time in the class have gotten an education that I wished I had years ago when I started down this path. You can tell that Rick is a guy that is passionate about helping motivated musicians and creatives navigate their music journey in a way that is unique to them and where they are in their careers. He spends hours and hours of time hosting "coaching calls" with musicians, producing quality content on his podcast and pours his years and years of his industry knowledge and experience into what he does. The thing I like most about Rick is not only his compassion for his clients but also his "straight shooting" attitude with his clients. While he is not the type to pat you on the back and give you a cookie for merely existing (many "entitled" musicians may be shocked). He does offer a buffet of knowledge and mentor-ship for musicians dedicated to their craft. It's great to be in company of musicians and creatives who all motivate each other in the MIB forum. I've had a pleasant experience in this course and admire Rick Barker's "NO BULL" approach to helping clients. Sometimes we need that extra push and strategy to keep us on course. If you are a musician ready to take your music career to the next level and cut through pitfalls that may take years to recover from, I strongly recommend that you go to and take his manager assessment.

Thank you for the support and I hope this information was valuable to you.


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