2020: The Rise of our M3 Movement

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

Hey everyone! Welcome to the new website. I have to give a huge shout out to "JMachine" for helping take this website from truthfully being a mediocre page; to a place where we can share content, be creative and collab to share ideas in the future. With 2020 officially 3 days fresh, I've been thinking about goals for the New Year of course. I know you've probably heard this from everyone in 20,000 social media post at this point talking about goals. Everyone and their dog is declaring, "This is the year I (fill in the blank)". The relative that wants to lose 50 pounds, that one girl you don't know well but who is somehow still on your Facebook timeline shouting, "this is the year I cut drama out of my life." Or your strange

Uncle Vinny who has a criminal record as long as your arm saying, "This year he'll get off the junk and become a monk."

I don't mean to bore you with more "Goal" talk. I have come to understand that being a musician and having a platform is unique. That platform means it's not just about me. Whether you stumbled on this site by accident or you've been following me on Instagram for months and you know about me...You're here. Let's build something meaningful. There's nothing worse than that one musician we know who constantly is pushing content in your face and insisting that once you hear his newest track that he and the boys dropped in the basement about Pepperoni Monsters from Mars, you'll be a believer. Then he continually spams you with music you don't care about and invites you to gigs in bulk messages you wouldn't show up to if someone had you at gunpoint.

As for me, I have come to realize that music is more than "me, me, me", and my true goal is not to shove my music in your face. Instead, hopefully we an build a community of like minded people who support me because I've done something that matters to them. I hope you'll join me in my next blog so I can tell you about the kind of community I wish to build. I hope you'll be apart of it. If you want to contact me and chat, feel free to hit the Instagram or other social media icons on this site and give me a follow. Your support and feedback on my music is what keeps me going, so please take a listen my the streams and give me your thoughts. I appreciate you and Happy 2020!


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