Kingdom Come Music Festival: Come for the Music and Leave Inspired

f you are like me there are a few good reasons Summer is the most anticipated time of the year. For an unapologetic music fan the main reason is always clear...2 words sums it all up....SUMMER CONCERTS! In the last blog I talked about how excited I was to be apart of the upcoming "Capstone Music Fest" and how attending music festivals growing up not only gave me my passion for music but also was an escape during summer to make life long memories and form long lasting friendships. Everything from Van's Warped Tour to Kingdom Bound

were a huge highlight in my life. I don't know if I'd even be as passionate about my own journey in music today if it weren't for those events that had such a long lasting impact. For that very reason I am excited to announce that this year I will be taking part in the "Kingdom Come Music Festival." I have done a lot in my music journey over the past few years and taken part in a number of unique experiences that have been huge blessings. Everything from sharing the stage with talented rappers like Bubba Sparxxx to being included on the Nascar the game: Inside Line Video game sound track years ago with one of the very first songs I ever wrote called, "Bridges". With that being said nothing really shocks me but when I saw many of the names included on this years Kingdom Come Festival, it's hard to deny I went into "fan boy mode" a little bit. Many of these bands have served as inspirations not only in a musical sense but also spiritually as well. As a young kid growing up with challenging disabilities like, Cerebral Palsy and Dyscalculia; I really struggled with a sense of security in my identity. Many of the bands on this upcoming festival were key in helping me weather the storms of those years. It's really something how God can turn the tables and take you from an insecure kid who felt aimless growing up to being apart of the next weave of music; and being at the same festivals as the bands who inspired and encourage you to keep fighting.

I know this festival is yet another event that will not only be a fun place to throw down and have fun but also may even help encourage you and be life changing. Over 2 days on multiple stages there will be many of the pioneers in Christian Rock and also some amazing up and coming artists. I am glad to be among them! I'll go ahead and name them so you can see without a doubt that you need to drop whatever plans you have to attend!

Spoken, Disciple, Zahna, Random Hero, The Protest, Forsaken Hero, Connor Flanagan, The Persuaded, GFM, Seventh Day Slumber, Bred 4 War, Point 5, Chaotic Resemblance, I am Spartacus, Justin Gambino, Relentless Flood, Set For The Fall, Winona Avenue, Meagan Reeves, Aaron Ray, Autumns Descent, Poetic Descent, From These Ruins, Trevor Heyd/Xstaytruex Ministries, Grave Robber, Wonderstate, Death Therapy, and much, much more!

These bands will be hitting the stage in Greentown, Indiana June 19 through June 21,2020 at Healing Fields. I will be live at the Asylum Stage...I'll be waiting to meet you!


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