Kingdom Come Festival 2020 Review

I had the fun and privileged to attend my first concert for 2020 at the Greentown, Indiana, Kingdom Come Festival. I was like a school kid ready for the first day of school. I had my notebook, pen and ticket in hand. The ride out into the fields to reach the Vietnam Veterans Fairgrounds was flashbacks to pre-COVID days. Riding through the back roads of Indiana, I reflected back to festivals I have been too and was so thankful I had the memories of those musical moments that have shaped not only my love for music but have formed life long friendships. As we pulled into the fairgrounds we were greeted by a friendly masked set for eyes. We signed a release to enter the fairgrounds without masks. The festival was free but we were given a parking ticket. The grounds were scattered with musical enthusiasts on this bright and happy Friday afternoon. It was beyond words and refreshing to step outside our truck and hear the guitars playing the the crowd rocking out. As I approached the main stage I was soon greeted by a familiar friend who is a fan of GFM. He had traveled five hours with 6 friends to come to the festival. There were many fans who had come from far and wide to support not only their bands but the event itself. Mid-morning I had the pleasure of speaking and catching up with Rev. Chris Bousum, one of the co -founders of the Kingdom Come Festival. I did a quick interview with Chris were he was eager to talk about his love for the bands and the festival. He spoke about the Always One Ministries (A1M) that puts on the Kingdom Come Festival. Chris said that the Festival is lead by a 3 persons leadership. Jay Karp and Chris started the Festival in 2010. Jay is the Director of the Festival. Angie Leyda is the Event Coordinator. Chris is the spiritual leader, as well as, the Co-Founder. During the Festival Jay is busy with stage activities; keeping everything on target. Angie still has all the coordinating responsibilities, while Chris interacts with the crowd and answering needs from the grounds.

The Festival began when Angie Leyda brother, Jay Karp, teamed up with their Uncle, Chris Bousum. They decided an outreach needed to be developed to reach out to the "misfits" in the surrounding schools. Giving them a place to go to gain community and build friendships to help them see the love of Christ. The festival had many Youth Pastors, Christian Youth Workers, Pastors, and local Youth programs present to share and encourage the youth present to come and speak with them if they were facing any life challenges. Whether it was off stage or back in the fields you could witness many of the workers praying and speaking with the attendees. It was really heartfelt to seeing those who love music, concerts, and love the Lord put into one great event.

Bands for around the Nation joined to Rock the main stage. Some of the bands present were: Forsaken Hero; Relentless Flood; GFM; Set for the Fall; The Protest; Chaotic Resemblance; Zahna; The Persuaded; Aaron Ray; I Am Spartacus; Grave Robber; Amongst the Giants; and Poetic Descent. The headlining acts for the first night was Spoken, who delivered an amazing performance. The next night the event closed out with an explosive concert experience by Rock and Roll Veterans, Disciple.

Overall, glad I made the trip. I highly recommend you make this part of your concert plans for 2021 and hopefully many more years to come. Matt

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