How Many Skillet Song Titles Can I Use to Tell My Story?

How many Skillet song titles can I fit in this story and announcement? ONLY PANHEADS know! This is just a fair warning up front. This blog post will consist of as many Skillet puns as humanly possible. You may get Sick of It if you are not a Panhead. For those of you who are fans I hope you enjoy this Madness In Me, as I come Unleashed and Never Surrender.

What have been some of the most defining moments in your life? For some people you may remember when you graduated high school or college and now are leading a life you worked so hard for. For others you may have met a role-model, Hero or someone who gave you a unique perspective that made your life and purpose Collide. Maybe you remember The Last Night of being a single entity and stepping into parenthood with the birth of a child.

For me there have been may of Those Nights, but one stands out as it relates to what I am doing now in music. The Older I Get I tend to think about why music has played such a huge part in my life. As someone who grew up with crippling disabilities Sometimes finding a sense of belonging and identity was Hard to Find. I remember having issues at home as my parents combatted serious marriage issues and Sometimes among all the fighting and unrest my home felt like a Circus For A Psycho. On top of that, school presented other challenges. When I wasn't Comatose from boring classes, my Cerebral Palsy and Dyscalculia made me an anomaly. Teachers and educators would often go embarrassing lengths to pinpoint what some of my undiagnosed disabilities were at the time. Although I got along with most of the student body, deep inside I felt like a Freakshow.

When I first found music it gave me the sense of identity I was looking for. For most kids, it was a past time, a hobby, nothing more than American Noise. For me, a young angsty kid full of Fire and Fury, music became my Anchor and My Religion. It made me Feel Invincible. In 2009 in the wake of my parents divorce and the chaos going on at home, I remember being enrolled in a trade school for digital media arts. I was a years older than the high school classmates I attended with and due to my disabilities memorizing and utilizing tools for that trade were confusing and frustrating. I would try and try and try and just couldn't thrive in it. The fact that I was an underdog in class, at home and in life got Under My Skin. Why did I constantly feel out of place like an Alien Youth?

I remember around that time attending a Kingdom Bound Festival with my Mom and best friend. If there was one thing that made it Good To Be Alive it was seeing live bands give it all on stage. Up until then, I have been a moderate listener of Skillet and remember songs from their first self titled album and "Hey you, I love your soul." I know they were good but what I saw that night from John Cooper, Korey Cooper, Ben Kasica and Jen Ledger would Pour a kind of Gasoline on my passion for music like a thick coat of Paint. It was like a Whirlwind propelling me Deeper into my calling. It was like a Rebirthing. I remember the pure Energy as song by song they gave 100% to their fans all gathered and united in excitement and anticipation. The pyro-tech, the lights and overall atmosphere that made me feel Awake and Alive. It was no doubt Better Than Drugs. Near the end of the show I remember John speaking a heartfelt message that made me feel uplifted. With that I now knew my purpose. I turned to my Mom, our ears buzzing and said, "I want to do music!" Before long I got her support and dropped the class I was in and started pursuing my first band. I knew a few kids in the class that were musicians and would have them come over to make music after class. Years later and many projects later, I am very excited to be gearing up for tour and doing what I am doing now. Sometimes we go through life Looking For Angels, but it comes in the form of a band called, Skillet. Check out my unique cover of "MONSTER" in my own EDM, Dubstep, Trap and Rock style. I promised you were Not Gonna Die but I hope you've enjoyed this blog because your Salvation has come and you made it through.

Tell me what you think about my cover and I appreciate the listen!  Cover release date is March 20, 2020.   Check it out on Spotify@mattsassano.


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